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Obtain the highest possible price ... In the shortest possible timeframe!!!
All agents are NOT created equal. Different agents market property differently and most are still living in the past and using old fashioned marketing methods rather than the upgraded standards of TODAY.

As a past real estate sales manager who has trained literally hundreds of real estate agents, Mike knows that the average, and even many top producing agents, are going to offer you the same stale marketing of yesteryear.

The reasons Mike's listings sell quickly for the highest possible price is because no other agent in his marketplace is using more tools and technology to find the right buyer! Mike does a lot more than put up a sign and use the MLS. If that were all it took, the discount brokers would lead the market in listings sold which is NOT the case! Today's buyer is utilizing the Internet and you need a strong presence at multiple web sites to find the right buyer! The 'standard' services: for sale signs, MLS, caravans, open houses, lockboxes, postcards, brochures, flyers, advertisements are all fine, and Mike does them all, but this is just a START. Today's marketing requires more than ever before. This is where technology and exposure make the difference!

The Power of Technology 
Recent studies indicate that 95% of buyers use the Internet to search for homes. YOU NEED an agent who will use technology to promote your house on multiple web sites.

Mike mails out thousands of pieces of literature per year. He knows that the way to make the phone ring is by automating the marketing process. There is no other way to 'touch' the tens of thousands of people that Mike contacts by any other method!

More Value... More Results 
Mike is a full service brokerage providing a full service marketing commitment. The added exposure saves you time on market and achieves a higher sale price! Other brokerages may offer a lower fee and list your property at whatever price YOU ask them to list at. Then, once you are contractually obligated, you will discover to your dismay that the only contact you receive is your agent whining for you to drop your price again! Mike would prefer to bring you MULTIPLE OFFERS to drive the price potentially higher than list price! Mike is a firm believer in the 'Golden Rule' regarding all facets of life. He has a huge following of agents that prefer to 'sell' property only... and they are in contact with Mike continuously... why? They know they can trust him and Mike always makes them and they feel better as a result of calling him.

Mike has at least a dozen brokers and agents that are his regular clients. Why? Because they know that Mike comes in contact with more "deals" than they would normally discover on their own. Earning a commission on a transaction is not nearly as rewarding as the profit on a well-purchased piece of real property! Mike's understanding with them is simple and the same as he would ask of you: if Mike finds you a good "deal" and you make a ton of profit, list with Mike after you fixed it up and are ready to go on the market!

Mike has been a top producer since 1973. Mike has sold thousands of properties in his career and clearly knows how to maximize your return. Mike's top year produced a property CLOSED every other day including weekends! Mike has agents that prefer selling his listings above all others. Mike knows that without those selling agents working on his inventory, he would virtually be out of business. Mike knows his marketplace in and out and YOU can benefit from this wealth of knowledge by contacting Mike NOW!
Mike Potier
Mike Potier
3530 Atlantic Ave #100 Long Beach CA 90807