About Mike


Broker/Owner Mike Potier launched his real estate career in 1972, when he began to sell raw land in Antelope Valley. The course of his professional journey has been a path marked by diversity; he went on to represent residential and residential-income transactions, was promoted to office manager while recruiting and building a Long Beach office from scratch, became a licensed broker/owner of his own franchise, and began blazing a trail as an REO expert in 1979. In 1994 Mike acquired the company that would become Boardwalk Properties.

Boardwalk Properties is a real estate company that has been well positioned for long-term success. They recently promoted Solyneth “Soly” Chneang to the position of Sales Manager in late 2015. With the two of them at the helm the firm is destined for great things. The firm’s diverse approach to the business allows Boardwalk Properties -and its agents -to meet the changing needs of its clientele and to maximize success in a range of markets and transaction types. At the foundation of the business’ structure there is a genuine desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of others, and the company accomplishes this goal one transaction at a time.


While Boardwalk Properties has become known throughout the region as a strong player in the highly competitive REO market, the firm has also developed thriving commercial and luxury home divisions. The company is also recognized as one that is deeply entrenched within its community, and that operates with a resolute dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of its agents and their clientele.

“We are deeply committed to conducting monthly outreach programs for area agents and consumers,” explains Mike. “At Boardwalk Properties, we have become involved with a number of government programs including HUD and other local initiatives for home buyers. Many people don’t understand how to navigate these programs, which provide excellent opportunities for home ownership. We host regular events for real estate professionals, lenders and consumers, explaining the fantastic array of government programs and low-cost finance options that are available. HUD Homes are an excellent value and are easily accessible online at www.HUDHomeStore.com”

Staying on top of the myriad of programs available involves a significant time commitment, but Mike explains that Boardwalk Properties considers this an investment in building long-term relationships with clients and agents alike. “We are developing a foundation of business that will, with exceptional service, ongoing communication and the dissemination of important information, continue to grow,” he remarks. The ability to assist others in achieving their goals of home ownership is highly personal for Mike, whose humble beginnings set the tone for a tedious journey to success. “At an early age I knew I wanted something more,” he recalls. “I studied and read voraciously, becoming self-taught on how to achieve my goals.”

Boardwalk Properties distinguishes itself among other agencies by providing incomparable agent support. “We operate with a different model,” Soly acknowledges. “Our company is designed to support real estate professionals so that they can stay busy in the field, selling and having face-to-face time with their clients.” A hands-on training approach touches agents at all levels of their business, and ongoing internal communication and seminars ensures that agents are up-to-date on pertinent new programs, trends and laws within the industry.

Whether you are looking to grow your real estate career, purchase or sell a home, contact the professionals at Boardwalk Properties where they will make your goals and dreams a reality.


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